About Albuquerque Digital Media

Dear Albuquerque Journal Advertiser,

I hope 2023 has been off to a good start for you.

I’m writing to you today with some exciting news! For some time now, our team at the Albuquerque Journal has been steadily working on entirely new digital products and offerings for our readers and followers. These new products, which will be launching throughout 2023, are designed to deliver news to groups in any form they prefer.

Whether our subscribers and followers want to read our award-winning journalism, listen to local and in-depth podcasts or watch our new video newscasts, the Albuquerque Journal will continue to be New Mexico's leading news source.

These exciting news outlets are the product of months of research and development with local partners and we're excited to debut them throughout the coming year to various test groups before fully launching each.

With these new products, we're also excited to announce our newest addition to the Albuquerque Publishing Company family, Albuquerque Digital Media. A brainchild of our company and a locally owned digital marketing company, Simply Design, Albuquerque Digital Media has started to create bespoke digital advertising experiences aimed at helping businesses and organizations in New Mexico thrive.

Albuquerque Digital Media has already created exciting new digital advertising products like Business Features, which allows a business to tell its story or highlight its newest accomplishments alongside our daily business journalism. Along with this, our targeted digital advertising is now reaching over a million of New Mexicans monthly, delivering tailored messages from our outstanding advertisers.

In the coming months, Albuquerque Digital Media will also be testing targeted podcast and videocast advertising products with a group of 'beta test' companies in New Mexico. We'd love the chance to include your business in this test for access to innovative, discounted advertising during this trial period.

If you're interested, please feel free to reach out to the team at Albuquerque Digital Media by visiting albuquerquedigitalmedia.com, calling 505-349-0454 or emailing hello@albuquerquedigitalmedia.com

While Albuquerque Digital Media's team is more than excited to work with you on our digital products, our dedicated print advertising sales team is looking forward to continuing to serve your needs and grow with you in the coming years.

We're so excited for these new aspects of our business and look forward to helping grow yours!

Please let me know if you need any additional information moving forward.

Kind regards,

Wanda Moeller
Vice-President of Advertising
Albuquerque Journal